Custom Reporting

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  • Data Sources
    • Clio Manage Data direct import
    • Standalone/Excel spreadsheet data import
    • Other integrations are in progress...
    • We build custom integrations into ANY platform

  • Build your own custom report
    • Filter data with our UI Query Builder, or run custom SQL
    • Data Tables, Charts (Bar, Line, Area, Radar, Pie)
    • Import/Export report definitions to share with other users
    • Import data from Excel spreadsheets

  • Organize reports in custom dashboards
    • Place, move and resize reports
    • Build your own custom homepage with all your favorite reports

  • Supported Browsers
    • Chrome (Preferred Browser)
    • Microsoft Edge Version 84+
    • Firefox/Safari still have some minor issues...

Dashboards and Report

Providing insight into your data

Reports YOU need, they way YOU want them.

With ReportZone you can create you own custom reports with your choice of visualization. You are not bound to what is provided by the application. Our pre-defined report templates can also be changed in any way you like.

YOU decide what data you want to report against.

Pick your data, pick your report type (table, graph), and add the resulting template to your own custom dashboard.

  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Many predefined report templates
  • Create your own custom templates

Add Reports and Dashboards to top level Landing page view.


For those clients who need help to define new reports we'll help you build them.

Custom Reports

Fill out a report request in the application and we'll build it for you

Custom Dashboards

Need help with setting up new dashboards ?

We'll set them up for you in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is my client data stored?

    ReportZone downloads your client data onto your own device.

    The first time you sign in it will take up to 2 minutes (or more if you have more than 2000 matters) to load all the data. After the initial load all data is stored in IndexedDB on your workstation (IndexedDB is a web standard for storing large amounts of data locally and is supported by all major Browsers). On all subsequent reloading, data is only refreshed/updated after a certain threshold (default 4hrs since last load) has passed, however this can be overridden in the user preferences.

    You also have the option of purging all data from your local workstation at any time

    You can find our training videos in our ReportZone Youtube Video Channel
  • How do you create a new report in under 10 minutes from scratch (video) ?

    This video shows the entire report creation process, from getting the data all the way to specifying the visualization and colors for your chart, then adding it to your home page view.

  • This video demonstrates how to create a new dashboard, add reports to it and layout the reports on the dashboard, then adding it to your home page view.

  • Video 3 (comming soon)

  • Just sent us an email or add a request in the app.

  • Only reports you created your self (or copied for default reports) can be shared.

    • Got to Reports in navigation bar
    • Open the tree to the report you want to share
    • Download the report by clicking on the download report icon (use hover to see which one)
    • Email or message the "reportname".json file to another user
    • If you report contains custom fields the report can not be shared with users outside you law firm as the reports are specific to your firm's configuration
  • Just enter the names, aliases, phone numbers and address you want to check against, partial names are fine too, e.g. "ben" would also find "Benny", "Ben" and "Bejamin".